10 Halloween Makeup Looks To Get Inspired By

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They’re hauntingly glamorous.

For makeup enthusiasts, Halloween is like the Olympics. It’s like that quote from Mean Girls as told by Cady Heron (a.k.a Lindsay Lohan) where she describes Halloween night as the one night a year that girls can dress however they want to, and no one else can say anything about it. And that applies to makeup, too. It’s a time to flex your creative muscles and be as experimental as possible—free of judgment.

These artistic masterpieces can range from all-out gore to all-out glam, and both can be equally as impressive. This year, we’ve scoured Instagram and TikTok to find Halloween makeup looks that both pros and beginners can take a swing at. From pop culture nods to Beyoncé and Wednesday Addams to elevated spins on classic villains, we present to you ten of the best Halloween makeup looks you’ll want to recreate this year.

Alien Superstar

Beyhive, prepare for blast off! If you’re still on a Renaissance Tour high like we are, channel your inner Beyoncé with an “Alien Superstar” inspired makeup look.

Crafted by pro makeup artist Jordan Liberty, this intergalactic glam is built upon an otherwordly base of blue makeup complemented by green contouring and — the piéce de résistance if you’re going for alien superstar and not just an alien — gorgeous glitter! Pair this look with an all-chrome outfit for an extra nod to Queen Bey, and you’ll be looking out of this world.

Photography Courtesy of Make Up For Ever

To create your own extraterrestrial skin tone and face base, you’ll want to use creamy face paints like the ones in Make Up For Ever’s Flash Colour Palette. Featuring 12 highly-pigmented shades that can be mixed and matched to create any colour imaginable, it’s a must-have for those who like to get extra experimental with Halloween makeup.

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Photography Courtesy of NYX Cosmetics

For a little Beyoncé-level flair, opt for a face-safe glitter paint. NYX Cosmetics’ newly launched SFX Glitter Face & Eye Paint is sure to add some serious sparkle to your look.

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Glam Ghouls

Who said ghosts have to be scary? This Halloween, up your glam game with a pearl-encrusted ghoulish look. If it’s been a while since you’ve experimented with makeup beyond the basics, here’s your chance to put your artistry to the test.

Once you’ve sketched out the base of your ghost on top of your eyelid and underneath the eye, elevate plain face paint by topping it off with miniature pearls to help fill in the figure of your phantom. For the eyes and mouth of your ghost, add on black rhinestones to double down on your commitment to creating a glamorous ghoul.

Photography Courtesy of Outus

Here’s a Halloween hack for you: eliminate the stress of individually gluing on face gems by shopping *self-adhesive* options! These flat black pearl stickers from Amazon will make recreating this glam ghost look a breeze.

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Photography Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

To add a little extra depth and dimension, outline your ghoul friend with a grey eyeshadow. M.A.C Cosmetic’s “Greystone” shaded eyeshadow will do the trick. Plus, you can use it for smokey eye looks long after Halloween is over.

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Vintage Barbie

It’s safe to say that 2023 was the year of Barbie. That said, we have no doubt that classic Barbie costumes paired with hot-pink pouts will be in abundance come Halloween night, but we’re feeling something a little more retro for the occasion. Vintage Barbie, perhaps?

Inspired by the original “No. 1” Barbie doll from 1959, this look replicates the glam of the era with a wash of blue eyeshadow over the lids and a timeless red lip. If you’re not one for Halloween glam that’s too spooky or abstract, retro Barbie is your gal.

Photography Courtesy of Sephora Collection

This just-dropped multi-stick by Sephora Collection in the shade “Baby Blue Matte” is exactly what you’ll need to recreate vintage Barbie’s ’60s-inspired blue eyeshadow look. While this product can be used as a water- and transfer-proof eyeliner, it also blends out seamlessly into a long-lasting eyeshadow.

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Photography Courtesy of Maybelline New York

For this look, swap classic Barbie pink for a daring, dramatic red lip. Maybelline New York’s SuperStay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Wicked 08” provides up to 16 hours of comfortable wear that won’t budge, so it’s totally Halloween-party-proof.  Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

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Chic Clown

We’re all about this cutesy clown glam that still serves Halloween, but keeps it chic. Pops of purple on the eyelids, green in the centre and orange in the inner corner maintain the classic colour palette of the season, while a rim of hot pink around the eye adds a feminine touch.

Taking things one step further, star details are added and the lip is ever-so-slightly exaggerated to top off that clown-esque look. If “Circus” by Britney Spears was a makeup look, we think this would be it.

Photography Courtesy of Too Faced

With its pastel pink, purple and orange offerings, Too Faced’s That’s My Jam Mini Eyeshadow Palette was practically made for this look. Not to mention it’s small enough to fit in your purse, so you can touch up your Halloween glam on the go if necessary.

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Photography Courtesy of Glossier

To add the star and under-eye details, use an eyeliner pencil for extra precision. Glossier’s No. 1 Pencil in the shade “Muse” is perfectly suited to this pastel, chic clown glam.

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Vampire Scream Queen

Going the vampire route? This look gives a whole new meaning to the term “just bitten.” Swapping out fake blood for rhinestones, this glam still maintains a “bloody” illusion while presenting more of an editorial edge.

While it may take a little (or a lot!) more time than others to perfect, the satisfaction of pulling off an artistically intricate look like this one will be totally rewarding. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t have to be perfect! We’re sure real vampires don’t have a method to their madness when hunger strikes.

Photography Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

Before applying your gemstones, lock in that vampy, porcelain skin base with a blurring face powder. Our pick? Charlotte Tilbury’s  Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Power.

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Photography Courtesy of Decora

As was the case with the glam ghoul pearls, self-adhesive rhinestones will really cut down your crafting time when putting this look together. Decora’s Red Diamante Stick on rhinestones are bloody gorgeous and just what you’ll need to help complete your faux blood splatter.

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Julia Fox

If you’ve just finished reading Down the Drain and you’ve comteplated going as Julia Fox for Halloween, consider this your sign to do so. It’s always fun to merge pop culture with makeup, especially when recreating a look as easily identifiable as Fox’s iconic “fox eye.”

Fox may have dialled down her signature inky eyeliner look in favour of razor-thin brows lately, but we’ll forever remember her by this blocky liner look. The best part? You’ll only need one or two makeup products to recreate it, and anyone can do it!

Photography Courtesy of Byredo

Outline your “fox eye” with eyeliner to create a crisp, clean edge. Using a thick jumbo-sized eyeliner like Byredo’s Kajal Pencil in “Kali Kali Black” (as seen in the TikTok above!) will make it easier to colour in your eyelid once your outline has been drawn.

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Photography Courtesy of Haus Labs

If you want an even bolder black, follow up your eyeliner base with a black eyeshadow to intensify the colour. Haus Labs’ Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint in the shade “Black Onyx Matte” will lock everything in and add a little extra drama.

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Glam Spider

A beauty hack and a Halloween makeup hack in one? That’s what we like to see. Freehanding graphic designs can already be difficult as is, but the stakes are even higher on Halloween night— or so we thought!

With the aid of a lash curler —yes, a lash curler—you’ll be able to create the most stunning graphic spider liner look in a matter of minutes. The rim of the curler pressed onto the face provides a stencil of sorts for you to trace on your very own cobwebs. Simply pair the look with a set of voluminous lashes, and your no-stress spider glam is complete.

Photography Courtesy of e.l.f Cosmetics

As demonstrated in the TikTok, having a lash curler handy is a crucial part of this look. We love e.l.f Cosmetics’ Pro Eyelash Curler and its under five dollar price point.

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Photography Courtesy of Ardell

Enhance your spider glam with a set of layered lashes like these ones by Ardell Professional. The faux mink look contributes to the “webbed” look of your design, and we bet you’ll be reaching for them all-year long.

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Mermaidcore Siren

Earlier this year, we were all obsessing over Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid and headed into the summer with the mermaidcore trend in mind. For Halloween, might we suggest a slightly darker aquatic alternative?

Able to lure in listeners with the sweet sounds of their voices, mythical sirens are Halloween’s answer to the mermaid-core trend. Best paired with the “wet look” hairstyle, this glam incorporates pearls, rhinestones, drawn-on scales and heaps of glitter. Pro tip: use fishnet tights to help mimic that fish scale look!

Photography Courtesy of L’Oréal Paris

Coloured mascara is the subtle addition to this look that makes all the difference. To tap into your inner siren, try an oceanic shade of blue or green, like L’Oréal Paris’ Voluminous Original Mascara in “Deep Green.”

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Photography Courtesy of Urban Decay

The use of glitter along the eyes, noses, cheeks, and even collarbone can help add to the underwater, mythical illusion of siren glamour. Urban Decay’s viral 24/7 Moondust Eyeshadow in the shade “Cosmic” will come in clutch.

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Wednesday Addams

Though it’s been nearly a year since the release of Netflix’s Wednesday series, this brooding youngster is still proving to be everyone’s favourite member of the Addams family. Consider the Wednesday makeup look an even smokier, more deliberately dishevelled version of the already messy smokey eye. In Wednesday’s world, dark circles are encouraged. In fact, they’re enhanced with eyeshadow. And a moody mauve lip is essential.

Photography Courtesy of Makeup By Mario

For all of your smokey shadow (and neutral!) needs, look no further than Makeup by Mario’s Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette.  It’s the same palette used in #beautytok icon Danielle Marcan’s Wednesday tutorial (above)!

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Photography Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

If you’ll be staying true to Jenna Ortega’s version of Wednesday, an understated, mauve-y shade of lipstick should be your selection. Opt for a shade like Yves Saint Laurent’s “14 Nude Tribute.”

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As far as mythical creatures are concerned, Medusa is the perfect embodiment of beauty and beast. And this intersection of horror and glamour is right where makeup enthusiasts want to be at this time of year.

Similar to the siren, this makeup look involves the use of fishnets to enhance that “scaly” illusion and adds extra dimension to the perimeter of the face. Glimmers of green and gold shine on the lids, while an emerald lip ties the look together.

Photography Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty’s newly launched Shadowstix Longwear Eyeshadow Sticks have arrived just in time for Halloween! Use the shade “Gold Hoopz” on the eyelids to further amplify your Medusa look.

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Photography Courtesy of Gucci Beauty

If this is your first time wearing green lipstick, there’s no better way to do it than with Gucci Beauty. This “Valentine Verdante” Velvet Matte Lipstick imparts a rich, smudge-proof colour that feels soft and silky on the lips.

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