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15 Best Minimalist Watches For Men To Complete Any Outfit in 2023

The best minimalist watches are a key accessory for any guy who prefers a pared-back existence. Understated, classy, and super easy to wear, they strip back all the unnecessary components and leave you with a fuss-free timepiece that’ll look just as good now as it will in many years to come.

In order to find your next stylish wrist companion, I’ve rounded up a collection of the finest streamlined watches on the market. Not only will they help you tell the time, but you’ll look pretty damn cool while doing it.

So, roll up your sleeves, get comfortable, and keep reading for my curated guide of the 15 styles worth your money.

Key Takeaways

If you’re finding your search for a new watch overwhelming, narrowing down your options is a good place to start. To help, I’ll be taking you through only the best minimalist watches for your consideration.

Whether you have heaps of cash to hand or you’re looking for something wallet-friendly, here you’ll find a suitable watch for every budget and personal taste. Discover the ultimate all-rounders like Void’s or affordable versions from Fizilli. There’s also a bunch of handy information, including a list of important considerations, plus answers to some commonly asked questions.

Our Top Picks

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Void Classic Date Watch

The term ‘minimalist’ refers to something, or someone, that is spare or stripped to its essentials. It’s about identifying what is truly important in your life and then eliminating anything that’s not. So when it comes to buying the best minimalist watches for men, it kinda makes sense to only invest in one, right?

If that’s the plan, this classic from Void should be at the top of your wish list. Featuring an understated leather strap with a stripped-down face, it’s an all-round timepiece that can be worn at any time (and with anything). Try it with tailoring for the office or with a white tee and khakis at the weekend.

Diameter: 38mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Leather | Movement: Quartz

Fizili Minimalist Watch

Perhaps glossy magazines and TV adverts are to blame, but for some reason, there’s a misconception that in order for a watch to be great, it needs to be expensive. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some timepieces that are certainly worth the splurge. However, there are still plenty of options out there that don’t leave you broke.

My top recommendation for those on a budget comes from Fizili. With a modest price tag and a classy matte black face, it offers one of the cheapest ways to add a little luxury to your wrist. Ultra thin with a stainless steel mesh band, it’ll be your go-to for smart-casual and semi-formal occasions.

Diameter: 40mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Stainless Steel | Movement: Quartz

Nomos Lux Hermelin Watch

Picking out a single luxury watch was kinda hard. Not because there wasn’t enough choice. In fact, it was the total opposite. Thanks to the clean lines and pared-back design, all of the watches I shortlisted looked luxurious. But I set out to provide you with the best minimalist watches, and that’s what I intend to do.

The Lux Hermelin from Nomos is a true work of art. It’s presented in rose gold, gray, and crème, with a hand-wound caliber exclusively developed for this particular model. Elegant down to the smallest details, it has hand-beveled and polished edges, a thick leather strap, and an 18kt gold clasp. Warning: the price tag is steep, so I suggest keeping this one for those extra special occasions.

Diameter: 38mm | Case Material: Rose Gold | Strap: Leather | Movement: Manual

Nixon Heat A1320 Watch

Before we all rushed to secure the latest smartwatch, another type of tech timepiece was on the wrist of the style-conscious guy. Proving popular once more, the digital watch is an affordable alternative that may not remind you to stand but offers enough practical features to make up for it.

But seeing as we’re talking about the best minimalist watches for men, this one from Nixon does away with all the fancy stuff and provides you with a low-profile design and just a few essentials. Water-resistant and ultra-durable, it has a variety of timers, plus a custom LCD screen and backlight for easy visibility while in motion or low-lighting.

Diameter: 38mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Rubber | Movement: Quartz

Meller Nairobi Watch

Some might argue that head-to-toe black can be a bit safe. Maybe they’re right. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome. The ultimate menswear move, all-black outfits are cool, classy, and bang on trend. And don’t you go stopping at the accessories; they look great in black too.

This sleek and stylish watch from Meller is the perfect finishing touch. Featuring a black stainless steel strap and matching case, it’ll look just as good with a black suit as it would with a bomber jacket and skinny jeans. If you’re thinking about taking it on vacation, you’ll be safe to wear it for quick dips in the pool.

Diameter: 38mm | Case Material: Stainless steel | Strap: Stainless Steel | Movement: Quartz

Monofore M01 Watch

Treat yourself to a watch with a leather strap, and you’re rewarded with a transeasonal accessory that will lend your outfits timeless appeal and unrivaled versatility. Whether you’re heading to the office or drinking at the bar, you can team it with a variety of formal and smart-casual staples to be dressed for any occasion.

My favorite is Monofore’s beautifully minimalistic M01. With its rectangular case, polished stainless steel indexes, and navy leather strap, it’s the kind of refined accessory that you’ll still turn to for years to come.

Diameter: 38mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Leather | Movement: Quartz

Baltic Aquascaphe Watch

I’ve never quite understood why some dive watches resemble the cockpit of a space shuttle. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff you need to know as you make your way to the depths of the ocean, but surely it makes sense not to overcomplicate things? Baltic seems to agree.

Simple but seriously awesome, the label’s Aquascaphe dive watch is capable of diving to depths of up to 200m and comes with a 120-clicks rotating bezel that allows you to control dive time. When you’re not wearing it in the water, it becomes a fine choice for every day.

Diameter: 39mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Rubber | Movement: Automatic

Solios White Solar Watch

Stainless steel watches are one of the most popular styles you can buy and for good reason. From weddings to weekend lunches and boozy bar trips, they have a knack for looking good for any occasion. You can team them with tailoring, sportswear, or endless smart-casual staples.

This version from Solios is a real gem. Housed in an ultra-thin 8mm case, it features hardened mineral glass with sapphire crystal coating to limit scratches. But it’s not just its toughness that impresses. The watch is designed to charge by itself using either natural or artificial light—needing only two hours of exposure to completely recharge. During the winter, you have a 6-month power reserve.

Diameter: 47mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Stainless Steel | Movement: Quartz Solar Powered

Seiko Essential Watch

Just because the Europeans have been in the business for an eternity, it doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who can do it well. Guess what? The Japanese know a thing or two about making great watches too.

With more than 130 years of experience, Seiko has been around long enough to be considered one of the best. The brand offers a wide variety of beautiful timepieces, including this little number in gold-tone stainless steel. Displaying the day, date, and time, it’s an elegant addition to any watch collection—pairing well with everything from suits to shirts and sweats.

Diameter: 37mm | Case Material: Stainless steel | Strap: Stainless Steel | Movement: Quartz

Timex Marlin Watch

Some of the best minimalist watches are automatic. Which is good news for guys who prefer their arm to do the winding and not a battery. Boasting a smooth movement and high power reserve, they’re a reliable and practical choice that should last for generations.

The Marlin from Timex has a reasonable price tag, yet looks like it’d cost an arm and a leg. The gold-tone case is complemented with a black leather strap and a tiny date window that cements its status as a minimalistic masterpiece. You can wear it with your favorite formalwear, but it’ll also pair well with jeans and a flannel shirt.

Diameter: 40mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Leather | Movement: Automatic

Movado Gold Watch

From rappers to rockstars and real estate agents, every flashy fella has owned a gold watch. But what was once used as a way to show off your wealth is now just as much about style as it is bragging. Better yet, you don’t have to remortgage to afford one, as there are a bunch of affordable options that look gold (but don’t necessarily contain much of it).

Made from gold-plated stainless steel, Movado’s Swiss quartz design is as classy as they come. With its 44mm case and mesh-link strap, it’s sure to strike up a conversation at your next wedding or family party. Pair it with a blazer, shirt, and slacks for a semi-formal look, or dress things down with jeans and a graphic tee.

Diameter: 44mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Stainless Steel | Movement: Quartz

Tissot Everytime Watch

Nothing quite says “refined style” like a classy dress watch. Suave, elegant, and bloody brilliant with a suit, they’re absolutely key to finishing your formalwear in style. But before you go dropping your life savings on a Cartier, let me introduce you to something a little more wallet-friendly.

Tissot’s Everytime watch is made with a stainless steel case and luxury alligator-style leather strap. Finished with minimal details and elegant black hands on a white indexed dial, it’s a must-have for any type of fancy occasion (but will still feel at home with khakis and a fine-knit jumper).

Diameter: 40mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Leather | Movement: Automatic

MVMT Chronograph Watch

Chronograph watches don’t just tell the time. They can also record seconds, minutes, and hours (usually) in a stopwatch-style function. And while this may sound like a lot to fit onto the dial, it’s something the best minimalist men’s watches manage to do with ease.

A must-have for sportsmen and dapper dandies alike, this version from MVMT offers so much more than sheer functionality. It features a bold 6-hand chronograph movement on a clean dial for the ultimate statement. The sandstone leather strap gives it a slightly casual feel that’ll look particularly great with jeans and check shirts.

Diameter: 40mm / 45mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Leather | Movement: Quartz

Tissot Gent XL Watch

The Swiss aren’t just known for their amazing chocolate. If you didn’t already know, it turns out they’re also pretty good at making watches. In fact, Switzerland remains at the heart of the thriving industry. Home to some of the finest watchmakers on earth, it’s no surprise the country produces some of the best minimalist watches around.

This one from Tissot is the ideal off-duty option. With its casual canvas strap and bold blue face, it’ll slot seamlessly into your week-to-weekend rotation. As you’d expect, the detailing is minimal, but the addition of a small date window is a classy finishing touch.

Diameter: 42mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Canvas | Movement: Quartz

Tapferkeit Furchtlos Watch

When you think about it, quartz watches are the epitome of minimalistic. While its complex companions are all about elaborate movements, the low-maintenance, reliable design keeps it simple. And it works.

Tapferkeit’s Furchtlos watch is perfect for formal events, but it won’t look out of place as you go about your day-to-day adventures. The black face is protected with dome sapphire glass and is complemented with a smooth leather strap. If you’d prefer, you can opt for the mesh version that feels a little more relaxed.

Diameter: 42mm | Case Material: Stainless Steel | Strap: Leather | Movement: Quartz

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tapferkeitwatches / instagram

What To Look For In The Best Minimalist Watches


Just like any other timepiece, minimalist watches all have something inside that makes them tick (quite literally). This is referred to as the ‘movement.’ There are three primary types available: mechanical, quartz, and automatic. Which one you choose will depend largely on convenience and budget. Mechanical and automatic movements will generally increase the value of a watch, while quartz is more affordable and doesn’t require winding.


Finding a watch case that you like is only half the battle. You also need to choose a suitable strap. Much of this will be determined by your personal style, but you should also think about where and when you plan to wear your watch. For example, if you play a lot of sports or swim, a rubber strap makes the most sense. For a dressier feel, stainless steel or patent leather is an excellent option.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to picking out the perfect watch. It’s ultimately down to personal preference, but the width and thickness of your wrist should play a big part in your decision. If your wrists are small, avoid anything that will look too big and bulky. 38mm and 40mm cases are probably ideal. On the other hand, small watches won’t look so great on big wrists. You may want to look towards 44mm or 46mm.

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voidwatches / instagram

Final Verdict 

Whether you’re in search of the dream first watch or looking for a fuss-free alternative to your digital timepiece, this guide to the best minimalist watches should have you catered for.

From budget options to Swiss favorites, there’s plenty to get your tails wagging. However, if you’re still looking for a nudge in the right direction, Void’s classic date watch remains my top overall pick. Understated, versatile, and affordable, it can be worn with a wide range of outfits for any occasion.


    • Minimalist men’s watches are exactly what the name suggests. Often presented with a monochromatic color scheme, they boast simple design features, including pared-back dials and plain straps. Unlike other types of watches, they are rid of any extra aesthetic detailing. They are favored by guys who prefer clean, uncluttered designs.

      • Because of the popularity of minimalist styles, many brands offer these types of watches. Thankfully, this means there are plenty of affordable options, as well as high-end designer styles. If you’re shopping on a budget, try brands such as Timex or Nixon.

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