It’s Officially Shorts Season—Here Are 30 Cute Pairs

Legs, remember those? Turns out summer 2020 is in full swing, and while my body has begun to physically reject anything that lacks a drawstring, I’ve also come to the very real conclusion that covering those babies up amidst the heat of a thousand suns and a humidex of 100 isn’t exactly comfortable, nor cute. Enter shorts. Polarizing as they may be—with the looming possibility of camel toe and hell, the occasional wedgie—shorts are actually *quite* the essential summer dressing staple. And luckily for us—and our lower limbs—this season we’ve been #blessed by the fashion gods with flattering styles to make the transition from sweatpants to shorts way less daunting. 

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Shopping for your lower half has never been easier. From form-hugging denim cut-offs to tennis-inspired athletic styles and polished bermuda shorts, we’ve rounded up some key piairs to keep you feeling v. fresh through the warmer months. Whether you’re into a tailored short with the elegance of a high waist or veer more into Armie Hammer-lounging-in-Italy-in-Call-Me-By-YourName territory (me), these picks are guaranteed to spice up your whole summer. Scroll through and find your perfect pair below!

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