For Content Creator Erika Aguilera, Style Is All About Sparking Creativity

Erika Aguilera is a Texas-based, style content creator whose goal for her platform is simple: to inspire others to be their most creative selves. Doing so begins with finding the confidence within herself to create her own content. For this, she looks to what she does best—putting together eye-catching makeup looks and outfits. “I like to use beauty and fashion as a form of self-expression,” she says. “It’s so empowering to me.”

While it would be nice if Aguilera could style each of us from head to toe, there are other easy and effective ways to get her positive attitude without having her make a house call. Below, she shares the everyday ways she channels her most confident self.

Hype Yourself Up

When you start the day off right, everything that follows seems to go a little smoother. This is why Aguilera kicks her morning off with a mental check-in and a moment of hyping herself up. “When I wake up, I say, ‘Today’s going to be a good day. It’s going to be positive,’” she says. “It’s a positive way to start every single day, and it helps to power me through it.”

influencer erika aguilera's positive affirmation

Feeling good in her own skin isn’t just physical for Aguilera—she approaches it from a mental and emotional standpoint, as well. Remember, cheering yourself on and reminding yourself of what you’re capable of can have a lasting impact on your overall attitude.

Turn the Day Around With a Shower

influencer erika aguilera using the schick hydrosilk 5 sensitive razor

Schick HydroSilk 5 Sensitive Care Razor

OK, so what happens when your day doesn’t go as planned? For Aguilera, there isn’t anything that a hot shower and a session with her skincare lineup can’t turn around. “I’ll hop in the shower and exfoliate to physically just brush it all off,” she says.

After exfoliating, Aguilera reaches for her Schick HydroSilk 5 Sensitive Razor. The serum-infused hydrating strip provides ample moisture for her sensitive skin, leaving behind a soft, smooth finish. “When I feel like my skin is smooth and silky, that gives me all the confidence in the world,” she explains. She adds that she loves how close of a shave the razor provides and how much control she has as she sweeps it across her skin.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

influencer erika aguilera

For Aguilera, style and comfort go hand-in-hand. She veers towards pieces that are both girly and sporty, and uses her clothes to express how she is feeling. “I wear what I feel most confident in,” she says. Her fave pieces include two specific button-ups (one that’s baby pink, and another that’s color-blocked), crop tops and high-waisted pants. Aguilera proves that zeroing in on the outfits that make you feel fine as hell are an easy way to up your spirits.

Make Over Your Energy

influencer erika aguilera

Your signature look—whether it be a razor-sharp cat-eye or a bold lip—can also be your emblem of fearlessness. For Aguilera, it’s her neutral matte lip, highlighter, and generous coats of mascara that make her feel her best. “When I feel like I’m projecting a certain energy, I can take on the world,” she says, adding that nobody can tell her otherwise.

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