This High School Musical Workout Features Choreo From 3 Iconic Songs, So Prepare to Sweat

It’s been 14 years (wow) since the first High School Musical came out, and yes, I can still sing every lyric. I may also have the CD soundtrack buried somewhere in my childhood bedroom and the songs are definitely still chilling on my old iPod nano. One thing I never could get down? The dance moves, and let me tell you, my middle school self tried.

Here to help realize those long-lost dreams is fitness YouTuber Kyra Provost, who put together a three-song HSM cardio dance workout that features many of the original dance moves, including the iconic arm pumps in “We’re All in This Together” and lots of basketball dribbles in “Get’cha Head in the Game.” Bonus: the routine is also a ten-minute cardio workout with plenty of bodyweight moves (think squats, lunges, and jumps) to go along with the choreo. Provost wraps it up with “Breaking Free,” and then it’s time to stretch out and go listen to the rest of the soundtrack, because it’s now stuck in my head with freaking superglue. Check out the full workout above!

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