20 Foamy, Frothy, and Fizzy Bubble Bath Ideas

Ah, the restoring power of taking a bath. What was previously seen as a bubble-filled extravagance for special occasions is now a way of life in 2020. All of the stigmas that previously plagued the past time are no longer. Everyone has copious amounts of time at home to ponder the world from a fizzy-filled tub. There’s now an excuse to panic-buy bath bombs to your heart’s content. And pruney fingers—the least of our problems right now. It’s never been a better time to detoxify amid steamy water brimming with bubbles. So here are 20 new bubble baths perfect for soaking and emerging a better, albeit more wrinkly version of yourself.

Baths for the ‘Gram

If your bubble bath doesn’t make it to the grid, did it truly happen? By plopping in one of these four bombs, you won’t be confronted with that question. Allow your tub to explode with color and dissolve into the multi-hued waters.

Baths for a Detox

Bath time can be a personal reset with these four products. Whether you’d like to purify your skin after too many days in the same sweat set or rejuvenate your spirits after too long on Twitter, detoxifying is key. A salt soak a day keeps the panic spirals at bay.

Baths to Relax

CBD, chamomile, essential oils, oh my. It’s never been more important to de-camp from your work day and indulge in a little R + R. These bubble baths will do the heavy lifting by moisturizing, soothing, and calming stressed-out skin.

Baths for Sore Muscles

Tech neck is real and your body deserves a work-from-home restoration. Pamper your tension areas with these vitamin-infused products. They’ll help relieve the day’s work and combat further soreness in the week ahead.

Baths for Sleepy Time

Sunday scaries are now a full-time phenomenon, meaning a slumber-inducing bath is everything. Get soapy then get sleepy by dipping into these frothy formulas. Your beauty sleep cycle will thank us later.

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