No Matter What Your Morning Looks Like Now, Listen to This Pump-Up Playlist First Thing

A good playlist is exactly what I need to fuel my morning commute into the office. Since the novel coronavirus pandemic has caused me (and much of the world) to shift into work-from-home mode, I haven’t been commuting and, therefore, I haven’t been listening to music in the morning. But I’ve been thinking: that doesn’t mean we can’t have the same motivational mornings of movement while abiding by the rules of social distancing.

So, here’s the challenge. Even if you’re not an a.m. workout person, I urge you to put on the following playlist and walk around indoors or outside before you start your workday. If you’re not working during this time or if you are going into your place of work, I challenge you to do the same — take a morning walk or get some stretching in while listening to upbeat hits that will leave you feeling inspired. We all could use a little uplift during this time, so why not start the day in a good headspace?

Ahead is my full morning pump-up Spotify playlist, as well as a compilation of the songs on YouTube. You’ll find fun throwbacks like “Perfect Day,” an iconic track from Legally Blonde, and Boys Like Girls’s “The Great Escape,” which was my teenage anthem. Then, there are recent hits from Doja Cat and Sam Smith. What are you waiting for? We’ll be moving right there with you!

Note: I personally will be using this as a workout playlist too, but if you’re looking for a list of songs to fuel your sweat sessions that isn’t what’s provided ahead, check out this other pump-up playlist we’ve compiled for you. You might also want to take a listen to this work-from-home playlist to motivate you through the rest of your day.

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