Watch Misty Copeland Surprise an Aspiring Pro Ballerina in This Heartwarming Video

If you need a break from bingeing Netflix and Disney+, check out Lindsey Vonn’s new YouTube series: Virtual Career Day. On each episode, Vonn invites one of her friends and a young adult who aspires to pursue a career in the same field to have a candid conversation.

On the May 6 episode, Vonn had principal ballerina Misty Copeland on as a guest, explaining that the purpose of this series is to have young adults stay focused on their future. “Everyone’s so focused right now on the quarantine and not being able to do anything, but we also have to plan ahead for the future and just know that it’s going to turn the corner,” Vonn explained to Copeland. “And the more these kids can be prepared and get inspiration from people like you, the better,” she continued.

After discussing Copeland’s unique path to ballet, her most memorable performance, and bonding over their connection to the late Prince — Vonn’s father was his lawyer at one point and Copeland was his muse and mentee — Vonn had a surprise in store for one of the 2019 Lindsey Vonn Foundation scholars.

Eden, a 15-year-old ballerina who aspires to turn professional, got to virtually meet one of her role models: Copeland. Eden’s reaction was so pure and priceless she had to ask for a moment to process the surprise. “I’m so proud of you and I’m excited to hear more about everything that you’re doing,” Copeland told Eden.

From there, Vonn handed the interview over to Eden letting her ask Copeland more detailed questions such as her favorite ballet variation, what a day of rehearsal is like, and how Copeland is training with social distancing in place. This interaction between the two dancers is so pure, you don’t want to miss it. Be sure to check out the full interview above and the rest of the Virtual Career Day series on Vonn’s channel.

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