Twitter Is Pretty Angry at Khloé Kardashian for TPing Kourtney Kardashian’s House During a Pandemic

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Toilet paper is hard to come by these days. When Americans learned about the threat of a global pandemic, they panic-bought toilet paper and ran stores out of their supplies. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., finding paper products in a grocery store is a small miracle for the average shopper. But when you’re Khloé Kardashian and can apparently afford excess amounts of toilet paper, the most sensible thing to do is to TP your older sister’s lawn.

On Saturday, Kourtney shared video on her Instagram story of the TP job her sister did on her front yard. “Thanks @khloekardashian,” she captioned the footage.

“So I haven’t had this much excitement in months,” Kourtney said, showing off her decorated lawn. “This is what I come out to. This is what Mason and Koko do when they have a sleepover. This is actually genius.”

Kris Jenner also drove by and saw the TP war between her daughters. “We will seek revenge,” Korutney wrote across her mom’s video, which she shared on her own story.

When Twitter users saw the footage of the TP war that is clearly about to go down between these two sisters, they did not take kindly to it.

The point that many people seem to be making here is that we don’t have much toilet paper, and what we do have feels like it should be used to smooth out the birdhouse we made in woodworking class. Seriously, is anyone going to pull that precious stuff off those Calabasas trees and give it to someone who needs it?

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